About Us
We are a brand and digital
creative agency

Agency, Consultancy, Human

We combine design, technology and business strategy into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel companies forward.

Our Services

Web Design

The trend of modern and bold looking websites is rapidly growing. Base 4 team addresses these demanding needs and expectations – the website has to be sleek, modern, professional and it has to tell your story. 

Our team of developers, UX/UI and visual designers are focused on: rapid prototyping, modern looking layouts with an interactive design methodology,creating functionalities that are user-friendly, all while using the latest technology and tools.

We create (web) designs that ensure that your website’s aesthetics apply to any type of device. This means that the content is closer to the end user and it maximizes user satisfaction and progress of your business. Also, Base 4 ensures the maintenance and security of your site with unlimited revisions and lifetime support.


All of our websites are tailored exclusively to our clients and their brands. Your specific requirements and preferences can come to life through our WordPress Customization package. We believe in simple, functional and user-friendly solutions. Our development and design team work closely together to make that possible.

When it comes to maintenance, you never have to worry about your WP site. We make sure that everything goes smoothly by fixing errors and bugs, implementing security measures for WordPress, optimizing site’s speed, backing up your site or migrating it from one server to another.

Graphic Design

Base4 as Design partner.

We encompass your identity.

Anyone who wants to rise above competency and create something truly groundbreaking would do well to understand the power of design and has to be able to tap into the full potential of their design partners. Graphics solutions created by Mediavuk skillful designers can significantly support any kind of businesses to become or stay innovative and competitive in a perpetually changing market.

Because our graphic designers are trained problem solvers that specialize in visual and message-based solutions, our clients are rewarded with intelligent and appropriate visual solutions.


For those who are prepared for the sharpest opinion, analysis and advice to apply a strong brand strategy and leverage it to the full.

The purpose of branding is to show, in a simple way, your offer, how you work and what makes you different from your competition.

Corporate Identity

It represents the way how your business looks like in the eyes of your clients.

Let’s share with you the key requirements for creating a successful corporate identity strategy and help you to visualize your brand`s visions, opinions, beliefs and feelings.


Print Design is a graphic design process.

Whether you need a poster, book cover, or any kind of design that aims to grab attention, there is a lot that you can get by engaging Mediavuk team.

Website Maintenance

Proven Way to optimize your website.

Improve your website, minimize the risk of downtime and content loss

Eliminate all the tedious technical stuff – let us handle it. We offer professional website support services so you can focus on your main proficiency and protect yourself.
We are able to quickly diagnose website problems and fix them fast, monitor and identify speed bottlenecks on your website – from small website fixes to large scale monthly maintenance.

  • Everything from one-time update to monthly website maintenance
  • Site content and blog update
  • Host management, site transfer and backup

Need professional website support services? That’s exactly what we provide!

  • Firewall + Login Security
  • Software security updates
  • Site backups
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation
  • Page load speed optimisation
  • Thoroughly test your website